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7 inch capacitive, anyone interested?

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  • 7 inch capacitive, anyone interested?

    Im looking to build a custom monitor for my car, it will be a 7.1 inch screen with a capitative touch system overlay.
    total cost per screen will be somewhere near $200, but i will get a more refined price and specs in the Next couple of days.

    The touch overlay I'm using will have drivers for all windows + linux + mac and is usb compatible, Good for everyone!
    It will have stats comparable or better than the lilliput 669-GL

    I will be doing one run of however many are requested, if you're interested in one PM me!
    So I made an inquiry about a distributors screen for the build.
    so here are the specs of the monitor:

    Well since the first choice monitor came in way over expected budget, I'm looking to drop to my second choice for now, but will keep looking.

    Viewing Angle
    130(H) / 90(V)
    375 cd/m2

    375 should be a lot with capacitive.
    anyway, suggestions or thoughts would be nice.

    I also wan a note that this is kinda a build thread, i will post an official buy thread once i have decided on parts.
    Goal: about $200 and better screen than 669-GL, with capacitive.
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    Have you looked at one of these:
    As sold by tft_lcd on here?
    This might also be another option:

    Your pricing does sound good, although it would probably add up by the time it got to me.



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      Sounds interesting!!!

      Is this Multi-Touch Capacitive or Single-Touch?
      What is the native resolution?
      Which interfaces are supported by the monitor (VGA/DVI/HDMI) and what are the overall monitor/screen/overlay dimensions (Width, Height, Depth)?
      Brightness (Nits)?

      Any datasheet to have a peek at the specs?
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        Originally posted by DigitalVampire View Post
        Sounds interesting!!!

        Is this Multi-Touch Capacitive or Single-Touch?
        What is the native resolution?
        Which interfaces are supported by the monitor (VGA/DVI/HDMI) and what are the overall monitor/screen/overlay dimensions (Width, Height, Depth)?
        Brightness (Nits)?

        Any datasheet to have a peek at the specs?
        I have read all the documentation on the controller board for my touch overlay and it unfortunately does not state single or multi touch capabilities, that said capacitive is intended for multi touch so with the correct operating system it may or may not work. I know that doesn't exactly tell you everything you wanted but these distributors are not exponentially helpful.

        Since i am building these custom I can seek whatever resolution the buyers want, and the price will vary with the decisions. The same with the inputs(hdmi/DVI/Etc).
        -Any thoughts on what those two should be please pm me or post here.

        As for screen size we can accommodate a viewing angle of H: 3.75 W: 6.1 D: 7.16

        Since i Am ordering these from distributors i would like to get something like 10 people interested. I hope to order and build this week, or latest, next week depending on interest.

        And i think at the current build i can do Abut $200 (Paypal so everyone can sleep soundly)


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          Assuming the price is reasonable:

          LCD Display 7.0" TFT LCD Module
          Display Color 6-bits, 262,144 colors
          Display Area 152.4 x 91.44 mm
          Brightness 800 nits
          Resolution 800 x 480 (WVGA)
          Contrast Ratio 700 : 1
          Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.1905 x 0.1905
          Viewing Angle 60/60(H) 40/45(V)

          That is super bright. easy to read in the sun.


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            Oh and the dimensions of final product:
            W: 6.7"
            H: 4.3"
            D: .35"

            (width / height / depth)


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              Thanks Vollosso!

              Could you please post the datasheet/documentation of the LCD , LCD controller board and touch overlay panel+controller so that we can make an informed choice.

              Personally I'd prefer an HDMI or DVI (preferably HDMI), VGA and switchable/automatic Composite as input sources. But you should wait for what others would like to see.

              Also does this combination support wide-voltage range power supply input (Ex.7-16V) and auto-power ON for car use?

              Any snapshot of the case/3D drawing?
              What about shipping costs?


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                Auto power on is something you would need to wire up yourself, i could set it up for you but it wouldn't be that much of a difference, with enough interest i may do this for you.
                I do not have a snapshot because I will be building it.
                I sent an email to the distributor to ask about the wide range input, but it probably will.
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                  Originally posted by vollosso View Post
                  that said capacitive is intended for multi touch
                  Capacitive is not "intended" for multi touch, but rather is available as a multi touch. There are 2 distinct and different type of capacitive touch screen.
                  Surface Capacitive, which is single touch and Projected Capacitive with supports more than one touch.

                  I would like to caution everyone about this. Not that I am telling you what to do with your money, but this deal sounds suspicious. And, let me begin by saying I am not trying to discredit the OP.

                  Being in this business (LCD displays, etc) for almost 15 years, I can certainly tell you that an 800 nit 700:1 CR 7" LCD panel alone is going to cost more than 200.00 each in small qty. Try closer to 300.00 each.
                  Look on ebay, and you will see a known and trusted seller from China offering a 1000 nit 7" panel for 420.00. That's just the LCD.

                  Now add in the cost of a decent controller, and the capacitive touch and you are well over 450.00 per unit.

                  Even if this is a back door deal from a salesman that is in charge of a large order, I doubt 200 per is going to happen.

                  I would like to see the data sheets posted here for the LCD panel, the LCD controller and the touch panel so we can all see just what you are offering for a scant 200.00 per.

                  If this really is the deal de jour, I will place the first order!


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                    Really sorry guys, but just heard back front he distributor and he was very misleading yesterday.... and as tft lcd just beat me to saying, this screen with 800 nits is going to be $576 with the controller.... (ordering just 10).

                    So looks like were back to the 400 nits. I know i can get 350 - 400 nits to fit in our price range.
                    Very sorry.
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                      Just for proof.
                      Lets try to hyperlink to it?
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                        I Have contacted a company with projected capacitive, for multitouch.
                        If it turns out to be cost prohibitive, the build as of then will be:

                        Viewable area:
                        W: 6.1"
                        H: 3.75"

                        Outer dimensions
                        W: 6.7"
                        H: 4.3"

                        Usb for power
                        3.5 Watt power consumption
                        400 cd/m2 brightness
                        130(H) / 90(V) viewing angle


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                          still doesn't work. Link is dead.