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resizing tv out on EPIA800?

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  • resizing tv out on EPIA800?

    im currently working on my test machine which has a GF4 for the tv out - it won't let me resize the tv out - so the screen goes off 2 far to the right... when this goes in my epia - can its gfx card resize the tv output?
    James - The UK CarPC Forum

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    you should beable to get it working with your GF4. Make sure you have the latest detonator drivers, and look at the TVout setting, under the Nview settings. I have same setup as you.

    I just switched to the EPIA (like you are about to) and I am having a very hard time with it's TV-out. It wont stretch the image correctly, and when you don't stretch there is an almost 1/2'' space on all sides of the picture.. Hopefully you have more luck than me. I'm still playing with it though


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      my nview doesn't have any tv out settings, only on display properties... i can position signal on screen but not size....
      I have latest drivers..
      James - The UK CarPC Forum


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        I have an Epia 800 and a 5.6inch composite screen.

        Best settings for filling the my screen seems to be NTSC and Overscan. which fills the screen but has about 5mm cut on each edge of the desktop. Very hard to hit close on fullsized windows.

        Best settings for image is PAL and underscan. Gets very near to each edge as is nowhere near 1/2inch gap like others seem to be getting. BTW - There is an image you can see in my gallery page linked below
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          NTSC and overscan on winxp for me seemed to work pretty good. now it's about a 1/4'' all the way arorund, but it's not centered correctly. so it's about an 1/8'' on the left, and about 1/4 on the right.. LOL i can live with it though..

          Funny thing is though, on media engine when I start a visualization, the visulization is stretched perfectly to the edge of the screen.


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            maybe the viz is running at640x480 instead of 800x600
   - The UK CarPC Forum


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              I just setup my Epia-m with default drivers and it gave me all of those resolutions without have to go through any hoops. Maybe they updated the drivers or something.

              The video chipset might be different between the two boards but I can tell you the Epia-M has as many resolutions as any other video card.


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                Totally diff video chipsets

                Epia has Trident
                Epia-M has S3 SavagePro
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