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Lilliput EBY701 Issue - Reverse Y

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  • Lilliput EBY701 Issue - Reverse Y

    I have an EBY701 which arrived working great. Last time I worked on the enclosure it was necessary to separate the ribbon connector between the board and screen. I was very careful not to crease or bend anything. Now that it is back together the Y axis (only) is inverted.

    I have tried to reseat the ribbon a few times. It is snug in the connector and always returns the same results. Screen looks great apart from the Y axis being inverted.

    Is there a setting to correct this?
    Could it be the cable is broken (if so, where to get a replacement)?

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    I forgot to add that I also put on a screen protection film.


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      have you checked your video card output on your pc? some graphics chipsets have hot-key's for screen rotation's, so it could have been done inadvertently(i have done it more then a couple of times with intel integrated chipsets)..
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        I just fixed it.

        Although I disconnected the ribbon at the PCB end. It was the connection at the other end that was bad. With a little bending and adjusting the screen flipped back to ok. I also managed to get the screen reinstated in the box without any problem.

        I recommend that you do not remove the ribbon cable EVER!