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32" lcd led panel 30 cores lvds

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  • 32" lcd led panel 30 cores lvds

    Hi to all,
    I followed so many time your forum and you solved so many problems that I had with car display.Now I have an other kind of problem,I have a lcd panel led backlight and a tv board for home.This tv board has a lvds output of 30 pins.So its possible with some ic to connect through a lan cable cat 5 or cat 6 of 10 metres,lvds lcd panel input to the main tv board lvds output??
    Pls note that lvds vcc of the tv board is 12 V.
    Thanks in advance and I'll wait your soon feedback
    Kind regards

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    5 meters is about as far as you can extend the LVDS cable.

    CAT5/6 is not the best wire to use.

    Look for 100ohm twisted pair wire (try Digfi-Key, Mouser, or Show Me Cables)