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Solve a monitor tilt problem.

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  • Solve a monitor tilt problem.

    I have been using my carpc for a few days but there is an annoying issue with the screen. At night the screen is perfect. During the day the reflections are horrible. I've read about anti reflective films etc but would like to tackle it another way. And that is to make the screen tilt top/bottom (rather than side to side). I don't particularly want it to be motorised. A normal computer monitor swivel mechanism is too strong for such a small screen (8 inch Lilliput). I have seen tilting screens on high end medical equipment. Does any one out there know of such a mechanism? or does anyone have a tilting screen?


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    oh mate,

    I just pulled the first example off the net, but i would find a tablet or gps car mount, ground it solid to somewhere inside your dash, and then make the joint real tight so you can tilt it with a good push but strong enough so that it won't fall down during a ride It really depends on how pricey you want to get and how much fabricating skills you have, because my friend this will definately take some fabrications no quick fix for this i think.

    If you have programing skills you could buy a arduino board, a dc motor and a gear set and make something nice for yourself. connect it to your pc and control it real like.