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  • Looking for some connection opinions

    Hi gang,

    got me a new 7" lilliput monitor which has vga, dvi, and hdmi connections. So before I throw it into my ride, I wanted to figure what was the best way to have video sent to it... Given that it's only 7" the video resolution would display essentially the same between the three. There would be less (no?) noise if I choose the dvi/hdmi option. HDMI possibly won't show up until the OS starts (won't be able to see BIOS). If I use the VGA connection, then the HDMI is left open for connecting to my phone (Droid Bionic)... So what I am trying to figure out is if the DVI connection would be noticeably better than the VGA connection to warrant rewiring things. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    while i can't speak for all boards, my zotac 9300 board shows the bios via hdmi. i am pretty sure that most do..

    overall, i don't think it is worth changing any wiring for unless you are getting some sort of noise, or other issues.
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      I have seen some noise -- but nothing drastic, and not the reason I got the new monitor. I do like the idea of being lazy on this...