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lilliput touch screen not accurate & only works for a few minutes?

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  • lilliput touch screen not accurate & only works for a few minutes?

    having a a weird issue with this new carpc i have. I installed all the touch drivers and the touchscreen works fine on the bottom of the screen but as I go up the screen it gradually reads my touch higher than what it is. to press the top of the screen, I have to press about and inch down. I've calibrated and still nothing. Also, the touchscreen stops working after a few minutes, not sure if its a USB issue but it works for literally 5-10 after start up and then wont work until I restart the PC

    what gives?


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    have you tried the screen on a different pc?
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      not yet, it's installed in the car right now and kind of difficult to remove for theft reasons, but I'll get around to it tonight to double check and report back.

      any suggestions on what may cause it though?


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        I have the same exact issue with my lilliput and if my memory serves me right I remember reading a year or 2 ago that someone said the issue was the touch panels glue was failing.
        I think they took a heatgun and removed the TS panel then re-did the adhesive and it fixed it.
        Try searching the forums, because when I looked there was quite a few threads on it.

        I had thought about doing it to mine, but the connection for my ribbon cable is TERRIBLE and a hella pain in the *** to get it seated correctly so I didn't want to mess with it again.