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  • 669GL Black Screen

    My transflective 669GL from Mo-Co-So has been working great for the past 6 months then the screen stopped powering on a couple weeks ago. Can anyone recommend troubleshooting steps based on the information below?

    Symptoms: The LCD and back light do not turn on. The LED on the board does power on and it changes between green/red when I push the power button or use the power on the remote. Nothing else seems to do anything. This happened on the first cold night of the year (only about 40F) when it was sitting in a parking lot for about 2 hours. Worked when I parked and not when I came back.

    I have tested using 12v and AC adapters.

    Tested both VGA and HDMI on a different PC

    Power to backlight is 5v

    Reseated ribbon cables

    So... does anyone have any ideas about what I can try next? I sent an e-mail to Mo-Co-So asking pretty much the same thing but haven't heard back yet.

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    Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the same problem


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      It turned out to be a bad controller board. There are non replaceable microfuses soldered into the controller and when they go out it dies. The guys at mo-co-so sent me a replacement board under warranty and it fixed the issue instantly. If you're not under warranty then you can buy one for pretty cheap.

      However, be VERY careful with the ribbon cables. After the board fixed it, I broke one of the ribbons and they are permanently soldered to the back of the monitor. Once again mo-co-so saved me with a replacement part. Since I broke it they cut me a deal on a new LCD and it's working perfectly once again. Much better than a very expensive very dead monitor.