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    Hey guys so I'm on here from time to time. I got a new car it's a 2005 Subaru legacy GT. there's no way to get an aftermarket stereo without importing from Japan because of the integrated hvac. To get AUX in I had to buy a kit and modify the board of the stock radio to substitute audio of the radio for the audio of the aux in when the music plays.

    Here's what I want to do. I want to expand my current setup. I have aux in and that's it. I was looking at the griffin autopilot which would enable me to control the music while charging. I wantto do a build.

    I want a simple LCD screen to display ID3 tags, and I want 3 buttons to pause/play, next track, and previous track. All while it charges. What I was thinking of doing was opening up the auto pilot and relocating the buttons to where I see fit, solving the charging / control aspect. I still need to figure out how to directly display id3 tags. Is there such interface to do so?

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    Another idea I had was to just fit an iPod touch into the cubby hole in my dash, which would solve all the issues I wanted, but the only thing is that when you have the ipod horziontal, there are no music controls. I was searching around for a jailbreak app but couldn't find one.


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      c3g not enough?

      i believe winamp has plugins for outputting id3 tags to a external screen..

      your best bet is to try to look up really old threads-- that is how they did it many years ago before all the front ends, and nice 7" screens..
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        Toyota Tundra

        I have Toyota Tundra and I want to put LCD display in the dashboard of it so that my co passenger can enjoy to watch movies on the LCD so suggest me some good displays.
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          I suggest PYLE view series display.
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