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great deal on small keyboard with integrated mouse

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  • great deal on small keyboard with integrated mouse

    i saw this deal on ebay after searching for some small devices for my future system:

    looks good and cheap too! The thing i dont like though are the mouse buttons being on oppisite side of the keyboard. Just passing on a nice deal ......

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    oops, i meant to put this in the input device forum...can a mod move this?


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      One thing to remember is Infra Red is line of sight. So you may have to aim the keyboard towards the receiver.
      What im curently listening to.
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        I have a keyboard very similar to this. Not this model exactly, but approximately same locations of mouse stuff.

        I have to say, the left side is the right spot for the mouse buttons. When working the mouse you end up holding the thing like a giant controller. All fingers but thumbs on the underside. Right thumb on cursor, left thumb on buttons.

        It is IR, but with proper positioning of a receiver aiming it shouldn't be a problem.

        Nice price at $23 shipped each.

        I wonder if it's PS2 or USB. You can get a USB model for $70 at Or get a PS2->USB adapter for $25 at the same site.
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          I have had one of those (diff manufacturer and in black) in the car for a while now. I don't like the mouse control at all as its pressure sensitive and a real pain to accurately position on a 5.6inch screen. Its not bad as a keyboard though as the reciever is located on my centre dash and picks up when I am standing at the back of the car.

          The one I have is ps2 and comes with 1.8m cables which I have further extended with 5m cables so that I could fix it in the front of the car.

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