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VM70 input selection issue & RCA video output questions.

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  • VM70 input selection issue & RCA video output questions.

    Long story short, I have a VM70 monitor in my car with a custom bezel and I did not retain the menu buttons or IR sensor for the remote. It always started in VGA mode, and had a trigger wire to temporarily switch to AV2 & back when needed for a backup camera.

    Well today the damn thing stopped turning on to VGA after I had cleaned up some wiring and instead is now starting up in AV2, so my carPC no longer has a visible display and I have no way of switching the screen back to the VGA input. I dont have the board that plugged into the screen for operating the menu & other options, never needed it so never considered keeping it a priority. Any ideas would be great, shy of buying a new monitor JUST for new buttons.

    Now my second issue, my mobo has an RCA video output so I figured I could just use that through AV2 so I would have a picture again (temporarily loose backup camera) and live with the lower resolution until I can get VGA signal back. Or so I had hoped. Why the hell is this so difficult? I cannot for the life of me get the damn RCA output to work. Ive been messing with this crap all day today & am too close to sticking my fist through it, so I gotta ask for help & searching hasnt found anything really useful.

    System is a Migrus C787 1.5ghz running WinXP Pro (sp3).
    I have the manual for the mobo and it is worthless, or rather lacks adequate explanations.
    Any help or ideas to get me pointed in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.