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Lilliput 669GL touch not working

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  • Lilliput 669GL touch not working

    I have recently purchased a lilliput 669GL and have installed it into the 2DIN bezel. I installed its touchscreen drivers but the screen seems to think it is being touched in I think the upper right corner area. When I select calibrate with the mouse it acts as if I am touching the screen when I am not. When I DO touch the screen the mouse is being dragged from the upper right corner area. Has any one had this problem before? I have triple checked to make sure that the ribbon cable for the touch feature is well seated.

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    Having the same issue except mine us to the lower left corner. I checked the 4pin ribbon cable as suggested and still no joy. I ordered a new touch pad from mobile computing solutions for $9.99. Hopefully this resolves the issue. Will post if successful.

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      Dirtbikebuy, view this post in the sticky. I'm going to try in the morning.


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        no, you overtightened the 4 screws in holding the display to the bezel. play with the tightness of the screws, and it should nearly fix it's self.
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          Soundman98, the issue did not start for me with overtightening. One day I came out to the car and the cursor wouldn't move from the lower left corner. I kept playing around with it and I noticed that if I held it it would move toward the center but would re-pin itself back to the lower left corner once my finger was removed. I took it apart, tried the heat trick and it improved a bit. Having dealt with similar issues with other touch screens, I felt it was the overlay. I purchased a new one and now everything is working fine. Most of the issues with the Lilliputs seem to be with the overlay. They are easy to replace and cheap $10. Over the long haul it is just better to replace it and not hassle with measuring resistances and playing around with heat around electronics.