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Trouble using new backup camera with Lilliput 889

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  • Trouble using new backup camera with Lilliput 889

    I have a Lilliput 889 that I installed 4 years ago (2007 model maybe?) and of course it does not have an auto switch for the backup camera, which I was wondering if there is something I can do to enable it instead of switching between TV/PC on the remote?

    But before I even get that far, I've plugged my camera into the video connector of the monitor and switch to VIDEO1 and VIDEO2 and get no signal. The camera is clearly powered on, but I can't even see it.
    The camera is brand new ( and I just got it a few days ago.

    I fabbed my own setup with a Scosche adapter and Lilliput 889, but I am thinking about just buying mp3car's Lilliput/Scosche pre-fabbed setup with the new Lilliput 629 (which includes auto backup switch) and just deal with the fact that I am stepping down from 8" to 7".

    I guess before I get ahead of myself, I should try plugging that camera into other things to make sure its not busted, but I am leaning towards the Lilliput...and maybe its not even worth it if there is no modification I can make to it so I can implement auto-switching.

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  • #2 is good. Turns out I was using a bad power supply so the camera wasn't functioning properly. So on to the more important question. Can I solder something to the board to enable auto switching?


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      I'm not sure about the 889 but with the 701 and 629 you could solder the wire yourself. Check out the "Everything you wanted to know about your Lilliput" threads and there are some pictures of how to do the mod on one of the two monitors I listed before. Maybe the 889 is similar.
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        I pulled my 7" 629 apart today and saw where the green wire is soldered, so I will look for the same setup on the 889.

        Regarding my 889, I am having trouble getting into the hidden menus. I punched 588998 on the remote and instead of getting the secret menus, I just get a popup for selecting a language. I can't scroll up, down, left, or right and the language menu just times out. All the tutorials I keep coming across are for the 619 and 629, etc. I was obviously in the menu 4 years ago when I setup the Auto-On, but I forget how I did it.

        I see that it should be similar to the 669 models and by using the power button (physical one, not the remote), I should be able to get in. I will have to wait until I am home tomorrow to pull my unit out because the buttons are behind the monitor. I guess there is no way to access this menu from the remote? I really thought there was.
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          Well I am able to get into the menu, but I can't find the diagrams showing me where to solder. I can use my 629 as a reference, but could someone be so kind to point me to the online tutorial for it? I want to be sure before I just start guessing at solder points. lol