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LCD want stop flashing at high resolutions?

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  • LCD want stop flashing at high resolutions?

    Hello everyone. I am facing the following problem: In my build, i have the following screen , (with witch, i am prety disapointed an planing to change, but anyway. )
    I am running a very long vga cable (7m) from the trunk to it. At low resolutions (lowest), everything works fine , but if for some reason i get the resolution high, the screen starts flashing(turns black).Also, if i try to use the buttons to navigate to the menu of the screen, nothing happens, wich means that there is no display at all... AT MY HOUSE, with a smaller vga AND the screen hooked to the house plugs, everything works perfect (even in high res).
    Resently i made a change at the car, withc involved changing the place where the screen got power from (but it was supposed to be better>_>) , and also got win8 (Wich worked at house). now after bios, screen turns black, and very rare, shows something (and i can see windows are loaded... ) any advice on what to do with that? cause i cant even get the res, back to low

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    ok so i solved it. It seems that after all it was the vbga cable that caused the problem.. not sure about the length, cause i tried another one (3m instead of 5) and it also didn't worked . BUT with one 1,5 m works PERFECT. so, except the length, the three cables differ, in that way : the two cables that dont work, seem to be missing one PIN that the other one has. i dont know what is the case... but it works now!