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Liliput 669 no longer powers on after sleep

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  • Liliput 669 no longer powers on after sleep

    I tried searching the forums but i haven't found a clear answer. I'm not sure if i'm using the correct terminology.

    I had this working for aout year and a kick myself for breaking a cardinal rule of: no touchee if workee.

    Got a Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T-HB-RV HDMI DVI High Brightness, preassembled, notebook Atoms proc. running vista, Centrafuse 3 with a carnetix p1900. I installed the 5 volt PS for a powered USB hub that attaches to the carnetix. after all the faults that started happening, i got everything back up and running BUT, now when the system goes to sleep on ignition off, the monitor dies off instantly. More frustrating, the monitor no longer comes back on upon ignition on and i need the remote to turn it on.

    In the past, when the ignition goes off, the monitor would going to sleep with the computer, and not shut off abruptly. it also did come back up.

    Things i've done/checked:
    The computer does shut down gracefully when the ignition is off as well as power on so it's not killing power, but sleep signal is coming from the power supply.
    jumpers are set to sleep on JP1 on the power supply.
    Verified sleep is set to centrafuse and windows.
    Checked all connections.
    This happens whether the 5 volt ps supply is connected or not. In otherwords, i reverted back to my old hardware configuration.

    Things that happened along the way:
    Battery negative was disconnected so all juice was removed from vehicle.
    Lost touch function for a bit. I found out the USB in the HDMI cable wasn't connected all the way.

    It comes down to, i have no idea what i did. When i originally did this project last year, a buddy of mine was the subject matter expert and if he did something, i can't figure it out.

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    have you tested the hardware with a different monitor to make sure that it is a monitor issue? because it kind of sounds like a pc issue..
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      Originally posted by soundman98 View Post
      have you tested the hardware with a different monitor to make sure that it is a monitor issue? because it kind of sounds like a pc issue..
      Don't think it is a PC issue. He says the monitor turns back on w/the remote.

      There is an "auto On " setting within the hidden menu of the monitor that can be toggled on and off. My bet is that setting was lost.

      Simply hold the power button down for 10 seconds or so and the hidden menu will appear.

      Once the hidden menu appears you can use the remote or the buttons on the front of the monitor.

      You need to hit the menu button two times. On the third screen the first option will say Car Power State and the default value is 0.

      Use the down arrow to highlight this line and then the right arrow to change the value to 2.

      Then hit the menu button two more times to exit the hidden menu.

      The next time you apply power the monitor will come on without pressing the power button
      or using the remote.