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Touch Scroll - Windows 7 & liliput

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  • Touch Scroll - Windows 7 & liliput

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to enable touch scrolling on my carpc, similar to iphones/androids/tablets etc.
    From research, windows 7 allows this when using a tablet or touchscreen. However my liliput is being found as a regular screen as it is meant to

    Is there a workaround or an app that will allow me to scroll windows folders and web browsers using a click and drag motion?

    I did try to search and didn't get any results, not sure if the wording I am using is correct

    Thanks for your help

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    i have searched for the same ALLOT and couldn't come up with anything... wait to see how disturbing it is in windows 8.... i haven't got it working with that, but maybe you could assign a different driver ( a multi touch one) to the screen that it would allow you to enable touch ...


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      If you don't have a multi-touch touchscreen, you won't be able to use Win7's touch gestures.