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Lilliput 669GL clicks itself

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  • Lilliput 669GL clicks itself

    I have a 669GL that more often than not will malfunction when my computer is started up. When it goes off in the weeds, it rapidly clicks itself in the upper right hand corner preventing it from registering my own clicks. The only way to recover is to power down the computer. Simply turning on and off the monitor never works. There was a similar thread about this last summer that I couldn't dig up in the search. Any ideas?

    The screen is in a double-din frame (pre-assembled from vendor).

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    I had this exact same problem and it had to do with heat. Mostly in the winter when I was running my heater. I fixed it by loosening up the bracket the holds the LCD so there wasn't too much pressure in the corner, but honestly I dont know if that fixed it or the fact that summer came along and I stopped using my heater.