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tevion twin 7" dvd player Wiring harness.... to screens...?

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  • tevion twin 7" dvd player Wiring harness.... to screens...?

    hey ya guys...

    ive got a twin 7" dvd player for the kids in the back of my car... one of the screens are broken however... now ive taken the screen apart. and got the wiring loom out...

    the loom provides power output, video output, audio output, and an aux input to the unit

    i want to wire this to an external monitor, so as to simply have ONE wire instead of a tripple RCA and power wire... PLUS then i can utilise the dvd units Aux IN / DVD output switch

    only problem is im not sure which wire is which... and somebody appears to have stolen my multimeter....

    do any of you guys know the wiring pattern? i can post a pic...

    its not a major issue because the unit has an aux output, but i would prefer to be able to use the one wire as mentioned.

    cheers guys.

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    i suggest stealing your multimeter back

    i can guess at it, but am afraid a incorrectly connected wire could mess it up..
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