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Double-Din sized LCD and housing? And how to power?

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  • Double-Din sized LCD and housing? And how to power?

    I'm new here, and looking to build my first car pc. Got the general idea of what I need, as I'm pretty good with car audio, but I have a few question about LCDs first.

    I need an LCD that will fit in a double-din mount. I don't want to mess around with custom dash stuff (just yet, maybe later). It needs to be decent for daytime driving, gonna go in a 7th gen Civic EX (01-05) with a sunroof. I found that Element/Samsung one on ebay but I'm not sure how to mount it. If anybody could give some suggestions on an LCD and housing that would be great.

    Also, I'm not sure how to go about powering this. Gonna snag an M3-ATX PSU for this thing to power the computer, but how do I power the LCD?

    Thanks for your time and patience!

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    You just need something like this and for power you would just tap the 12v rail on the m3


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      I understand these screens aren't cheap, but is there any cheaper option than that 300 lilliput? Obviously its easy to buy the double-din bracket for the car, but mounting an LCD in it is what id be confused about (along with finding a cheaper LCD).