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broke my lilliput 669GL HELP!

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  • broke my lilliput 669GL HELP!

    heys guys can someone please help me with my lilliput 669GL. the other day when installing it something must have touched and shorted it (could smell it) and now the screen doesn't do anything. when plugged in the power button still lights up and goes green and it is still detected by the pc but the screen doesn't work at all. I've seen on the forum the same issue but with other models and it is because of a fuse, but I can't find where it is on mine and there doesn't seem to be and visual damage either. please help.


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    how/where is it wired? Cig Lighter? Wall Plug? Are you using the inline fuse/voltage regulator? If so, that'd be the first thing to go. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      Sounds like you killed the processor board that drives the screen if you didnt have a fuse in line with it.


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        I was using the 12v rail from a m2 atx at the time it happened, if it's a fuse on the board I blew I should be able to fix it if I can find it


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          Different model but may be the same problem:
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            Originally posted by treetop777 View Post
            Different model but may be the same problem:
            yeah saw that one, there's a few like that with same problem but with different models thats why I thought it might be a fuse somewhere but my board isn't the same so I can't find it.

            Was using the 12v rail on a M2 atx at the time it happened, have since tested using wall adapter and desktop pc 12v rail to make sure its not the power supply


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              its the same problem as this thread


              although on mine the LCD power is 2.9v which should be enough


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                This is why good rule of thumb to not install things like this with the power on.And while its great idea to power the screen via the power supply..I kept mine seperate and fused the carpc on its own and the screen on its own incase a short were to occur it wont blow anything else in its path of destruction.

                Sounds like you blew the driver/processor board for the display itself :S good luck.