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External High End LCD, do they exist outside of an iPad or Android tablet?

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  • External High End LCD, do they exist outside of an iPad or Android tablet?

    I'm looking for a super fantastic screen. Something steller like a Xoom, iPad, screen. Color is top shelf, resolution is to die for. Size would be between anywhere from 7" to 10.x". This beauty would have HDMI or any digital in and its 5 wire capacitive touch w/usb.

    Where can I find a beauty like that? If nothing exists in that size, what would I need to settle for? I'm not happy with my late model lilliput, it just doesn't look near as nice as my zoom and costs almost as much as a refurbished Xoom (which comes with much mroe than a fantastic screen!).


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    LCD industry grows like a ***** but we still have to look those crappy Xenarc or Lilliput etc.. displays at very high cost.
    There are hundreds of tablet in the market. The worst one have better screens than we use at cost 80$.
    Yes I want a super duper fantastic screen as well. You can find Ipad2 retina display at cost 70-80$ but can you use it without a controller? No!
    So the best bet for me is to wait for a proper Windows 8 tablet.


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      What I'm hearing is we can get a nice display but need a controller. Will the 3M controllers work for that?

      3M Capacitive Controllers:


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        You want that amazing of a screen only to cripple it with a resistive touch screen? The clarity of a capacitive screen is so much better, I bet it would make a difference on your current screen.

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          I take it no such beast exists (with any touch type, ghetto assembled or not)?


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            As mentioned, you can get the iPad2 screen now. Although that's too big for my location, I'm considering a 7" (like the new Asus), and giving up on the touch. I don't like touching my screen. It's too far away and gets smudged. Mine is resistive, which reduces the glare (great), but is a pain to use when you are used to an iPad.

            So I'm going to order this:
            And if that work as expected, I'm going no-touch in my car.
            Zotac H55-ITX w/ 802.11n WiFi, i3-550/3.20GHz, 8GB DDR3 1333MHz, 120G Intel SSD, P2140,
            7" pseudo-transflective resistive TS, Win7-64, Centrafuse 4.3, Elmscan Compact 6, BU-353, Rear camera, Trailer camera