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    Has anyone seen a mount similar to this for less or a better design?

    click here

    This is almost exactly what I want. Something I can mount to the floor, that is height adjustable, and can tilt up and down a bit. Plus rugged of course. I think this would work well in a car.

    Anyone else have their LCD mounted to the floor w/ something like this?

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    The one thing to note is that this one you have linked here is made for desktop use. From the looks of it you would have to highly modify the base to get any stablity out of it in the bumpy environment of a car.
    The high price stuff is Jotto Desk or a full setup from RAM Mounts. Also Panavise as some very nice options, some of them made just for your car model.
    I decided to go half and half. Used a dual ball joint mount from RAM Mounts and fabricated my own base bolted into the car body. The mount was $25 from GPS City and the fabricated base was $15 of scrap aluminum and a weekend of work. One important thing to note is that the longer the arm of your mount the more support it will need to keep solid and not bounce around. Mine is only 10" long and it keeps pretty solid with 4 four 1/4" bolts.


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      have any pics moose?


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        I made my own mount for the modified Joytech 7.2" STN screen that I have recased between two sheets of plexy to reduce the overall size, and removed the built in speakers, but kept the headphone mounts (that way I can go back to listening to radio, and have the Carpc through headphones for a Passenger if needed, or listen to GPS instructions through headphones while they while they listen to the radio or CD (normally going to be using an FM mod).

        I made my own Version of the Dashmount bracket (similar to [URL=]this one[/URL but using the lower vent to clear the radio) from some 1.5mm sheet Alloy scrap I had left from another project, and used thisSpeaker mount to hang the screen from.

        The ALI portion is slotted round the vent on the Dash, and then screwed into the swivelling portion of the vent to lock it in place.

        The Speaker bracket/mount is then bolted to the ALI plate. Beauty is you can split the Bracket into two pieces by totally removing the angle adjust screw. Means I can unplug and remove the screen when I leave the car for long periods.

        I'll post some pics of the screen mounted when I remember to recharge my camera batteries. Not wired up for power yet, and the screen enclosure looks a little rough, but kind of "bladerunner" geek chic ish, but I kind of like it, and it will do till I can afford to get a decent VGA one.this one
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          maybe something to look at
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