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Sunlight readable vs High Brightness ?

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  • Sunlight readable vs High Brightness ?

    So I'm new to the site and am starting to put a parts list together. Starting with the BBX-1 Mini-ITX Carputer Enclosure and a 7" touchscreen. Looks like the touchscreen talked about is the 669GL. I had a question about 2 different versions (already read the good info on the model codes for it.

    Here's the Sunlight readable one for $724.99

    and the High Brightness version....$324.95

    First question... is the Sunlight readable one so expensive because it can be read easily in the Sunlight compared to the HB one that may not be very easy to read?

    2. Is it possible to get a sunlight readable version of the HB ts? I do like my screens bright but I would also like to be able to easiy read it in the sun.

    3. If I'm going to be using that BBX-1 enclosure. Do I need to get the touchscreen with a frame (like the above links offer) and/or do I just need to get the touchscreen by itself, with Metra or Scosche install kit (assuming it's a different part) . Also, the post here says something about a H bracket that might be needed.

    This is going to be for my 2008 Mustang GT. Sorry for what seems to be stupid questions.


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    1. The sunlight readable one is more expensive because the touchscreen is optically bonded to monitor, thus allowing more light from the monitor pass through and removing most of the glare. The high brightness lilliput uses the same touchscreen as all the other lilliputs, it simply has a backlight which is brighter in nits than the standard lilliput. Whether or not you should use the sunlight readable lilli depends on personal preference and screen placement (per vehicle). Knowing the dash on your mustang and knowing that the DIN is technically facing the rear window rather than the driver, i'd buy the sunlight readable model (budget allowing of course)

    2. Sunlight Readable somewhat defeats the purpose of needing a high brightness backlight. The high brightnes models were released to somewhat circumvent the glare problem, it definitely is a band-aid fix.

    3. The metra kit will fit your DIN but will not fit the screen area of your touch screen. You will probably need both the Metra kit (to fill the gaps left from the factory stereo in the dash) AND the bbx-1 (to make the screen cleanly mate into the metra kit). The H-Backet should be included with frame purchase regardless if you buy preassembled or do it yourself, provided you order the BBX-1 that matches your lilliput model Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      I'd like to try to use an enclosure (BBX-1) with this touchscreen. In the review found here, you mention relocating the controller board. Between relocating the board and and "notching the top of the case" recommended by another retailer. Which would you recommend and which would be easier? Is there some kind of walkthrough or video of the controller board being relocated? I guess what they mean by notching the top of the case is to simply cut that piece out.

      Thanks for the info. I'm trying to determine the enclosure and touchscreen, then moving on to internals.


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        Here's my take on so called "sunlight readability"