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Looking for a good capacitive touch screen

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  • Looking for a good capacitive touch screen

    I'm looking for a good capacitive (multi touch) LCD for my 02 Grand Am. I've found these two and I have a few questions about them.

    1. Are there any reviews of either of these?
    2. Do they have Linux support?
    3. Do I need to buy anything extra to mount them in my car's double DIN slot?

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    i read somewhere that the mini touch 700 isn't very good.


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      Darn, I was really hoping that it was going to be good. I'm looking to run XBMC with the reTouched skin in my car and capacitive is a must.


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        I feel the same way. I wanted that one until I read a review about them not being built the best. And I agree about the interest in a capacitive screen. Much easier use.


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          The big stike against the mini touch IMHO is analog only inputs. I wanted to run an hdmi cable through the car to avoid interference issues and for that you need the Lilliput.

          Now the big problem with capacitive screens right now is actually getting one. I've had one on order for probably almost two months now and it will still be a couple months probably until they are in. I don't want to go resistive though so I'm sticking it out waiting, but good luck finding one.

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