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Lilliput Monitor power consumption while in standby

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  • Lilliput Monitor power consumption while in standby


    As I am cleaning up some of my wiring in my car, it would help some with fuctionality if I wired my lilliput monitor directly to the battery via the power conditioner that is provided with it. What I am trying to figure out is if that will result in a quick discharge of my battery. I know it uses 9W during operation. Searching through the 18 pages of results gave some info. Specifically a couple of post report that standby mode would draw 16 mA (for example: - Which by itself would take about 4 months to discharge my Optima YellowTop (55 ah / 0.016 a). I drive my car more often that that... So, the answer should be no -- but, I have been known to screw these things up . Is there any reason why I couldn't power the monitor via my battery?

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    not that i can think of.

    i ran my screen directly off the battery for all of 2 years or so-- during those 2 years, my car sometimes sat for upwards of 3-4 months and never had a problem starting it..

    but to be fair, you should also try to measure the parasitic draw of the rest of the add-on components(carpc psu's and audio amplifiers all take power) and whatever the parasitic draw of the cars oem equipment is-- without those figures, you're only seeing a fraction of the issue.
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      Thanks Soundman,

      beyond my psu - I don't have anything else I added on that takes power while the car is off. So this looks like a *sound* way to go.