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tm701 voltage question

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  • tm701 voltage question

    everywhere i've seen the 701 for sale they make a big deal not to go over 12v when powering the screen. I'm curious how forgiving this screen actually is to voltage since it is designed for auto use? I have no problems building a regulator for it to make sure i never go over 12v but i'm lazy and if i dont have to i probably wont. so to those out there who have this screen what is your opinion

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    I run my tm701 off of the battery and it runs fine.


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      I also run it without regulator.
      Web sites selling the TM701 are contradictory. On the spec list they state 10-16V and at the end of the page they state 12V.
      Ermanno vbi

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        itll be fine. Ive noticed on certain parts of my car I get 13.46 volts... I dont worry.
        Mine needs to be updated.


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          I run mine directly from the ACC line, and it has been ok. I will build a regulator for it (when I have time) just to be safe.


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            Power Consumption: <6W => 500mA....

            Fuse 5A is quite an overkilll...

            I run the screen from my Atx PSU => 12V regulated.
            I didn't put a fuse... (Did you put a fuse on your HD,DVD,keyboard...)
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