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Transflective + capacitive panel?

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  • Transflective + capacitive panel?

    Please forgive me if this is a dumb question, but I see a lot of posts about people wanting capacitive screens and posts about people wanting transflective screens, but I never see anything about somebody using both together. I'm curious if there's a technical reason for this as I'm in the planning stages of building a carpc and considering which route I want to go as far as my monitor is concerned. Searching has turned up very little in this regard.

    Can anyone give me a reason, besides cost, why it doesn't make sense to take advantage of both technologies simultaneously? Does one negate the benefits of the other, etc? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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    Of course it would be nice to have this, but until it is offered people have to live with what they can get.
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      So does this mean there's no technical limitation on incorporating both? It's simply due to a lack of manufacturers offering the option?


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        Basically yeah as far as i am aware.
        Or the ones that do exist are too expensive for the typical user..