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Liliput Touch Screen USB connection

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  • Liliput Touch Screen USB connection

    I try to build all-in-one box carputer using a liliput 669GL monitor with a ATOM board (DN2800MT to be exact). I choose to use HDMI, except I don't want to use the standard liliput HDMI cable as it is too long. I got myself a 20cm HDMI cable. The display works, the touch screen however doesn't quite work as I want. Since I don't have USB from HDMI anymore, I try to route the USB signal to MDR14 connector. I'll eventually solder the USB cable directly onto the pin of the MDR14. However, I just found out it doesn't really work this way. The SKS cable was used and I connect the USB from the VGA cable to the ATOM board but the touch controller can't be recognized by the OS. See connection diagram. Then, I replaced the HDMI cable back to the original liliput HDMI cable, still use the USB next to VGA, didn't use the USB from the HDMI cable. Guess what, it works. Any idea for me to move forward?
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