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Display sizes for M Series board

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  • Display sizes for M Series board

    Im planning on getting the M10000 mobo and the 7" composite screen from digitalww. For those of you who have this combination (or another M board) are you able to use the full screen with the resolutions in windows once you "list all modes" in the advanced section? or is part of the screen unused?

    Ive done a lot of searching on this and some people complain that they cant and others dont.
    Hardware: M10000 / 2.5" 700meg Solid State Drive / 30 gig 7200 rpm HD / DigitalWW 7" LCD / USB Touscreen / X10 Lola Remote / Serial GPS
    Current Project: Turning Nissan Steering Wheel Remote into Joystick to control Frodoplayer