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twinview/clone with Geforce2 mx 400

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  • twinview/clone with Geforce2 mx 400

    Well i am playing with my gamevue i just got in the mail. I was able to clone the screen and then i messed up the settings so i just downloading newest driver and reinstalled it. Now i see no tab on this driver for twin view and allow cloning of screen. I have my desktop on my main monitor and my Gamevue just has it so i can drag stuff over. Am i missing something or is there a change in the driver. I am pretty sure this happend after i put the new driver.


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    Check the display properties and make sure the Geforce drivers are showing.

    It might have been a bad install, or the wrong drivers...
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      Thanks.. i actually found it last night. There is no twinview tab like i found on some of the searches, although i found the clone feature. Ok this was freaking me out i know i looked in same place and there was something different every time

      oh weelll

      thanks for advice but my eyes found it