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Thoughts: Lilliput FA1000-NP/C/T

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  • Thoughts: Lilliput FA1000-NP/C/T

    I'm in the market for a 10" screen to replace my current 7" one, and came across this monitor. The specs seem really good, especially the 420 brightness (compared to 250 on my current one and 250-300 being the average).

    Here's the link to Lilliput's site for it:

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    And its a 5-wire touch. Very nice monitor, I am sure you will be happy with it. SNO


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      Appreciate the fast response. I'll try to hold myself off until early next week before I decide for sure, but that one is definitely at the top of my list.


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        I also bought the Liliput 10" Screen with 250 brightness and even ****tier viewing angles. So I didn't bother taking that LCD apart and I still have it in the box. I wasn't happy with the performance, it was really poor and washed out in daylight.

        However this one looks like it might be really good. The viewing angles are better and the brightness is better along with resolution. When are you planning on buying this? I might take a plunge too, but I want to see a review or real life tests on this LCD before I buy.


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          Screw it, I'm gonna pull the plug on ebay and have it shipped express. around $330 for the screen.
          **** it.