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a good HDMI or DVI or VGA TO RCA converter

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  • a good HDMI or DVI or VGA TO RCA converter

    i have purchased a 10" 'roof monitor' that only has rca in for video. I have hdmi/dvi or vga out from my mobo. I purchased a ' New PC VGA to AV TV RCA S-Video Converter Box Adapter Dark Blue converters from flee bay but the rca picture is terrible. My daughter's little portable dvd player has video out and the picture from that is 10 times better than the vga to rca converter's picture quality.

    The question is do you guys know of a device that i can use to send half decent video via yellow rca?

    Sorry i couldnt post link to mynconverter from ebay but u can just do a search on it.
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    Composite video signal (the yellow RCA connector) will never display an image as good as HDMI or DVI because of the nature of the signal.
    It can only output 480 scan lines.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      yes i realise this, but as stated, i was comparing the picture quality of one composite source to another and the quality produced by my daghters portable dvd player produces far better picture than the converter i have which is also composite - not hdmi.

      the search continues...