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Lilliput 669GL No input detected problem

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  • Lilliput 669GL No input detected problem

    I recently purchased a Lilliput 669GL Screen,

    After having it setup in my car for several weeks i have now got an issue...

    When i power the screen on it turns on automatically (set it too do this in the hidden menu), it then displays "no input detected" and then shuts off after 5 seconds..

    There is definitely an input as when my pc is attached too another screen it works fine.

    It also doesn't let me press menu buttons in this time, it just turns itself off with the orange power button. (off = red usually?)

    When accessing the hidden menu it also shuts itself off,

    It is powered from the Pc's power supply of 12v filtered.

    As i said it was working fine and now isn't. Also note that i was previously able too disconnect power and re apply power and it would find the input but now it does not

    Is there a reset procedure or anything?

    P.S. First post on this forum please be nice and yes i have looked everywhere for an answer

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    Does it behave the same way when it's powered to AC (house) power?
    And have you measured the voltage on the wire powering the LCD?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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