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Problem with EBY-701

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  • Problem with EBY-701

    Hi all.
    I have a problem with the monitor.
    Namely, while the appear white horizontal stripes and run from top to bottom. Time appears for a split second and sometimes for a few seconds. The thing occurs globally (even on bluescreen when switching inputs). The problem is likely to proceed. This is my second monitor. In the previous I had a similar problem and came at last to the fact that he was all white and it was only after warming up it was something to see. It was installed in another car so this is not an isolated incident.
    I wonder if there is a problem in connecting my monitor or factory defect ... The monitor is connected to power after the ignition of the ankle Radio. Mass is also there. It is connected via a filter from monitor. Recently between the +12 V from the ignition and filter, I put ITX 80W ( power but it is an older construction (not as ATX-M2), and I suspect that the +12V comes out of it untouched (as input, so the output). Unfortunately I do not have the meter to check it out.
    During operation, you can see a fine horizontal stripes on runing engine. When switched off, you can see gentle noise that can be heard in the speakers or how much reverb amplifier.

    Maybe someone had a similar problem, or perhaps are some guidelines to connect the power to the monitor?