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can someone help me find the perfect monitor?

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  • can someone help me find the perfect monitor?

    Hi all,

    I have been on a mission to find the perfect display for my car, but after years of searching, what i want just doesn't seem to exist.

    aspects that i would like to have:

    7" screen and a 10" screen

    high sunlight readability. the screen will be in direct sunlight as the car is convertible, this is probably the most important aspect

    optical bonding/transflective. basically everything that can be possibly done to make it sunlight readable

    touch screen, everywhere i look they are all resistive screens, i am after capacitive screens

    high viewing angle, preferably over over 45 degrees in each direction

    high resolution, i dream of finding a 7" screen with a native 1024 by 768, but it seems to be impossible.

    multiple inputs. i will have several video sources in the car, including games consoles and cameras etc, i would like each screen in the car to be able to switch between each source. like channels on a TV. so if the screen can accept different video sources from HDMI, DVI, VGA and Composite, and then simply has a source button to change between them that would be perfect.

    i am after 6, 7" screens, 3 of them with touchscreens, and 1, 10" screen with a touchscreen for the middle of the car.

    i have been looking at the Avionic LCD screens, but apart from them being very difficult to deal with and unwilling to sell low numbers of units, their screens still don't fully do what i want. i was considering buying the units and having them shipped to another company for optical treatment and having touchscreens fitted which i don't mind either, but the problem is i have found that almost all companies that do this only want to deal with other companies, which is the same reason i don't really want to do business with Avionic LCDs because they are so uncooperative.

    either way it seems i loose out in some areas due to physics or current technology. the higher the sunlight readability the lower the contrast and viewing angle. touchscreens always reduce sunlight readability, no screen has what i would call a decent resolution and it seems always that DVI and HDMI are a shared input and not separate.

    can anyone help? i am willing to spend a fair bit to get decent screens if they do the job, i am just not happy with paying something like $700 per screen and it being no where near what i want.


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    anybody? even any kind of hints? brand names?


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      I think I would get in touch with tft_lcd_org from this forum. Here is his web site. SNO


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        Originally posted by SNOtwistR View Post
        I think I would get in touch with tft_lcd_org from this forum. Here is his web site. SNO
        fantastic, thanks for your reply i will drop him a mail. have you personally had experience with his displays? its always hard to tell how sunlight readable a display is until you see it first hand.