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Feeldo 7" Touchscreen / Head Unit - 2 Grounds?

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  • Feeldo 7" Touchscreen / Head Unit - 2 Grounds?

    So i purchased this Feeldo touchscreen head unit: put into my truck. Bought a wiring harness for the truck because i'm lazy

    When i was connecting the wiring harness to the head unit i find there are 2 wires labeled as ground coming off the head unit. Both black, both labeled ground, one is a thicker gauge than the other. Both come out of the unit in the same area (right next to each other, but separate wires).

    Any clue if i should hook these up to the same ground on the wiring harness? There was no real manual that came with it, and the wiring diagram on the disc that came with it doesn't show 2 grounds.

    Maybe there are separate grounds for the screen and the radio, since it appears to me this unit is a am/fm head unit and a separate touch screen installed in a single din case, but they don't seem to interact with each other.

    Any input is appreciated, as i don't want to fry this thing right off the bat.


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    update: Well i got the thing wired up. Testing it on a car battery i have hanging around. Having the extra ground attached to the 12V- does not seem to do anything at all. It functions with or without it attached. Seems like a good unit so far, but have not hooked it up to speakers, only tested the video in. VGA does not seem to function, only RCA, don't know if this will be a problem for me, we will see.