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Strange problem (At least to me)

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  • Strange problem (At least to me)

    Hey guys, I know I'm new here, but I'm not new to the whole concept of forums, and let me start off by saying I already tried to search. I might have failed, however, because I'm new to this carputer stuff, so I probably didn't know what to type in.

    Anyways, here is what I'm dealing with: I bought a second hand Lilliput EBY701 from ebay and it starts up fine and everything, but the touch screen is a bit weird. For example, If I wanted to touch the windows start button (bottom LEFT of the screen) I would have to tap the bottom RIGHT of the screen. It's almost as if everything is mirrored down the center.

    Here's a more visual example:

    Take the picture of centrafuse, and imagine: If I wanted to go to "MEDIA", I would have to tap on "XM" but if I wanted to go to "RADIO" I could just tap on radio (because it's in the middle) So if you were to draw a line from the top to the bottom, and right through the middle of that picture, that is how the screen is "mirrored". If I press 1mm to the left side of this imaginary line, then the pointer will go 1mm to the right! However, the vertical calibration is correct. It follows my finger up and down properly, just not left to right. Does anyone have any idea why it would do this??

    Another unrelated matter is: The screen isn't that "sensitive" if you know what I mean. I pretty much have to press the screen, rather than touch it. That's probably just how it is though. I could be wrong? The screen works better if I tap it with my nails haha.

    And because this is pretty much my intro thread, here is the vehicle that the carputer will be in soon!

    There's another thread but it wont load the pics. I'll post it up later.

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    I downloaded the touchkit driver already, and have it installed, but once I get to the calibration/configuration screen, the calibrate button isn't click-able.


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      WOW! May be this is a gross coincidence but I am too struck in the same problem. I think that the touch sensor is flipped in operations with regard to the display that is shown on screen. A proper may fix this. I am getting it done in a few days, will let you know if it 'worked'. car accident lawyer
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        Clayton, I don't know if you've gotten it fixed yet, but I downloaded the Touchkit V.4.6.0 by accident. When I saw the Touchkit V 5.0.0, and downloaded it, the problem went away! So it was just a driver issue