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where to buy 10.4 lcd kit for cheap??

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  • where to buy 10.4 lcd kit for cheap??

    HI guys i am looking to buy a 10.4" lcd kit.. I want it to be vga output on the controller board so i can plug it in my carputer. I went on and there prices are insane.. anybody know any other site that have the kit for cheaper price?

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    ebay, search for datalux
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      I will sell you one cheap. How does $100 US sound? It is 10.4", 800x600 (SVGA). It includes a PCI video card.

      That is about as cheap as it gets for a 10.4" with SVGA.

      This is a Keycorp monitor. You will find lots on eBay. They usually say Unisys on the front. This monitor has some disadvantages, but you get what you pay for. The vid card is special and required for the monitor. It supplies power for the monitor, so no other PS is needed. But the vid card is only 2MB, and slow as hell. It displays text very well, but can't handle any video, or games with motion.

      It's also not very bright. About 100 nits, I think.