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Opinions on DS640HR and DS700HRS from dscustoms

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  • Opinions on DS640HR and DS700HRS from dscustoms

    I tried to search but the only screen I ever see opinions from dscustoms on is the DS700YYV (VGA 7" Touchscreen). Since I don't have that much money to blow (about $150-$200) I was wondering what you guys think of the lower models? I'm just going to be using it to play playstation and dvd's.

    Here is the link to the HR640:
    Will that do alright for playing playstation or DVDs? Does anyone have one?
    Here is the DS700HRS:
    Is there a big difference between this one and the HR640? Besides the fact that this one has a remote, 2 video inputs and is slighty larger. Is the picture quality any different? What about the viewing angles? I don't know much about that, is there any advantages over the HR640?

    Overall I just want decent quality for sittin in the parking lot and playing some playstation or throwin on a DVD. I'm not expecting to have crystal clear picture but I want something that will be more that viewable.
    My friend recently got the Legacy LM71 and I think the picture quality is bad. Would these screens have better quality?

    Thanks, and sorry if any of these questions were brought up before but I couldn't find them when I searched so if someone would point me in the right direction that would be great.

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    A lot of those screens are brand new, and there haven't been a lot of orders for them from this board. The screens are all TFT, and have very good LCD panels. Compared to screens by legacy, or other extremely cheap panels which are STN screens, they will be much better. The DS700HRS is a screen with a lot more features, where the 640 is simply a very inexpensive way to add a high quality screen to your car. You'll be happy with either one.

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