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Xenarc Monitor Cables, Anyone?

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  • Xenarc Monitor Cables, Anyone?


    I recently won a (somewhat ill conceived) e-bay auction for a Xenarc 700TS.
    I was quite unfamiliar with the product I bought, but it was cheap and a spur of the moment thing.

    Now, the seller specified it was sold without a monitor cable, but he also just wrote it had an "VGA" input.
    I assumed a regular VGA cable would do - obviously a big mistake.
    I didn't know it required a proprietary VGA cable...

    Now I am stuck with a useless monitor, at least until I can find a replacement cable.
    Does anyone have a spare cable for the 700TS monitor laying around, or know where I can get one cheaply?

    I found this one, but 40 USD is more than I paid for the blasted monitor!

    Can anyone please help me?

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    No-one has any such cables lying around?


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      So you bought a monitor for less than 40.00 that costs over 325.00 new, and you are complaining about spending 40 on a cable?

      If you don't want it, buy the cable and ebay the whole thing for 150.00


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        You know its the 700TS, not the 700TSV, yeah? It's not even sold anymore, if I spent 150 USD where I live, I could get a far better screen. Do you really think I could get that much for it on eBay? :/