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Lilliput 669GL + Windows 8 64-bit

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  • Lilliput 669GL + Windows 8 64-bit

    I wasn't exactly sure where to post this so thought I'd post here as it seems like the most relevant forum.

    I've had my 669GL running on Windows 7 with Centrafuse for a while but have had a series of issues with Centrafuse (and the Windows 7 install, it seems) that spurred my interest in trying Windows 8 as a front end this time around. Since everything seems to be moving toward 64-bit I opted to pick up the 64-bit version, unfortunately without researching potential compatibility issues with the 669 (I didn't expect any problems)

    Anyways, I'm sure you've seen a few posts on this and I hate to be "that guy" posting an old topic again, as it seems common in Windows 7 as well, but I've got specific requirements I'd love to meet and I feel would make a nice comfortable CarPC if possible.

    As you may know, Windows 8's native touch screen drivers treat the screen as if it's portrait style, despite the display (I'm using VGA) working the correct landscape style. This leads to an interesting effect - the X and Y axes are flipped. Swiping up and down makes the cursor go left and right and vice versa.

    TouchKit resolves this but is treated as a mouse, not a touch interface. I prefer the touch interface, though, so I can do basic gestures such as swiping through tiles and pulling the things in from the edge of the screen. Neither of these things is possible using it as a mouse and it makes the interface very "clunky" at best. I don't care if I can't pinch to zoom and all but I'd like to be able to at least slide through the tiles and swipe in from the edge of the screen to show previous apps etc.

    Is there any way to do the above with the 64-bit Windows 8? This seems to be an issue with Windows 7 as well with Lilliput screens. 32-bit 7 and 8 both have a driver that resolves this completely, but is not compatible with 8.

    I'm posting here in hopes that someone has a solution. I know a resistive touch isn't the best for swiping but it'll be better than trying to make it act as a mouse and that's all I'm looking for right now.

    Please keep the conversation pertaining to resolving this issue. I don't use my CarPC for phone calls or anything, simply for playing music and basic internet use when parked in a parking lot via a VZAccess 4G card. I'm sticking to Windows as I also use my CarPC to tune my car's aftermarket ECU via software only available in Windows.

    Thanks in advance. I really hope I can find some solution.

    I've looked for fixes such as:
    "Windows 8 invert x y axis touch" but found a post regarding inverting mouse input, but not touch (seem to be separate)
    Even if there were a way to "flip" the touch interface portion I'd be set but so far no dice that I can find

    I imagine with this being an issue since Windows 7 it's either been an accepted problem or there's been a solution found

    Thank you for your help,

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    I've read posts about covering the 669 to capacitive touch also as this would allow gestures to work properly in Windows 8 64-bit (and I've been interested in converting it as well)

    Does anyone know where to find the parts needed to convert it to capacitive touch? I only vaguely understand what's involved currently and have had trouble looking

    For now I'm using the screen as a mouse input and am figuring out how to use it well. It's the charms menu that's frustrating to access as you need to get to the very top right corner


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      This is not a singular problem with 669GL. I struggled with it a lot on a htpc case with LCD. It is caused by the egalax touchscreen controller driver under x64, and your description is correct - without the drivers installed windows will see it as touchscreen and enable the tabletPC settings in Control Panel but the X and Y axes will be inverted. Once you install the egalax driver (Touchkit) you will be able to calibrate the touchscreen correctly but Windows will not see it as a "tablet" anymore. My guess is that the problem is in the driver because it does not define the device as a touch interface but as a mouse and I found not way to make Windows think differently.
      There may be a way in forcing this by editing the driver files (eventually using a touch .inf and pointing it to the egalax driver) but I had no time to play with it as the tablet options were not crucial for my setup.
      Another way will be to replace the touchscreen controller board that has good drivers for win7,8 x64
      This issue is discussed on several forums - here is one:


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        Thanks for the help toddrom, I appreciate it. I did see that thread as well and will read through it more (I read specifically that page and post 94 per another thread here)

        I'll also look into seeing if I can hack the driver to convince it to act like a touch interface. It's not a *huge* deal to me but since the screen is my primary way to interact with the computer I want it to work exactly as I want, if that makes sense. It's more of an ongoing nuisance - specifically accessing the charms menu, that is frustrating! lol

        I'm currently also looking at simply replacing the monitor with a capacitive touch also. I feel I'm nearly "done" with the carPC setup and just want to finish it off and make it well polished now so am fixing minor issues I have with it.

        Another problem I'm fixing (hopefully) is my i-Blue GM-2, I've never had much luck with it either in the 1.5 years I've been using the carPC. Now that I'm using the Google Maps app I'd really like it to work (Destinator's maps were outdated and Tampa roads change regularly, so it didn't get me from A-B very well). I placed an order for a BU-353-S4 yesterday and all reviews say it's easy setup and works well with Windows 7 and 8 so *crossing fingers* we'll see how it does in the metro interface as a "sensor"