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My TM-701L is dead!

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  • My TM-701L is dead!

    When I powered up my carputer this morning, the screen (tm-701L) just went blank.

    I had so many problems with this screen right from the day I purchased it. I thought it would last me at least a year or so, then I will switch over to the in-dash vga but it only lasted 2 months.

    I am not sure if I am still cover by their warranty, because I have modified the cable and the faceplate so that it fit in my dash.

    This is suck big time.

    DIGITALWW, do you have the vga controller for tm-701l ready for sale yet?

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    Did you get it from me? email me and I'll help you.


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      Originally posted by digitalww
      Did you get it from me? email me and I'll help you.

      I got it from, which is what make it suck even more. I have email you, hopefully you can help me out.


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        man...........mabe ill just go with the dscustoms screen
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          All products go through a tough period. TM-701L used to be all buggy with different problems but I had no complains lately (compared to before). orders in big quantities (old) and they're still having problems. Our TM-701L's are always up to date. Even Xenarc monitor had a rough start but know they are getting better and better.