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Rear seat monitor options.

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  • Rear seat monitor options.

    I have a stock 08 F350 King Ranch with the OEM rear seat entertainment system.

    I am redoing the audio system in the truck and I need to keep a rear seat "DVD player" for mom and the kids. I never ride back there, but they do.

    The truck is getting a different head unit and a computer or two, including a media server. The problem is that I can't (easily) make the stock DVD player work with any of that, so it needs to be replaced.

    For those that are not aware, the stock Ford rear seat entertainment system does NOT function independently of the OEM head unit and will not function without it. So if you replace the head unit, you pretty well must replace the rear seat entertainment unit.

    So, what are my options for a ceiling mount rear seat display (preferably with multiple HDMI inputs) with or without a built in DVD player ? I actually prefer without.

    What specs should I be looking for as far as brightness and screen finish is concerned ? (400+ NITs, matte finish ?)

    Has anyone installed one in their truck and if so, how do you like it ?

    I know that we can play movies on a tablet, etc. We'd still like a dedicated rear seat ceiling mounted unit because its so easy to run for the kids.

    Thanks !