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Installing Touchscreen VGA LCD in Double-DIN and Moving Head Unit

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  • Installing Touchscreen VGA LCD in Double-DIN and Moving Head Unit

    I'd like to install a 7" touchscreen VGA LCD in the double-DIN area where my head unit currently resides. Are there currently any LCDs that are made to fit in a double-DIN area once you remove the housing? Also, how would I install the LCD there, fiberglass maybe?(I've never fiberglassed anything before) And finally, does anyone know of any kind of mount kit that would allow me to install my head unit underneath the double-DIN area? The picture below shows what I mean.

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    Installing the monitor where the stereo resides is not that hard. Your biggest problem is placing the stereo where it doesnt belong. Since your balls are big enough to try fiberglass when you have no experience, maybe you should try mounting the decks main body under the seat and extend the face plate contacts and make an L bracket and mount the face to the L bracket. That would be easier than fiberglassing. I would suspect that you're using the stereo for AUX in.
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      I'd really like to mount it where I have it shown in the picture. This guy has done exactly what I want to do. However, I can not get in touch with him so I don't have a clue how he did it. Anyone have any ideas?


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        I am currently working on my 2000 ford focus zx3. its not that hard to do but it is kind of pain in the *** to make it look good.

        i made a box that fit cd deck and TM701L. enlarge the dash to fit the box in it, then i went to home depot get a big bucket of body filler bondo and fill the gaps and make it smooth. material cost is only about $20 max, its all about labor.

        since i was gonna make the dash opening larger anyways, i manage to fabricate a little pocket under the box. just like the little empty spot you got under the cd deck, so i can put gum in there.

        if you need more details, let me know.


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          can you take a tape measure and go measure how big of a space you have? it will help : )
          Progress here:


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            yeah I'm looking to do this with a double din as space...relocating that head unit is going to be a ***** - its hard when you want to preserve all the functions that come with your HU and have a carputer..

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              smoldyr, this is EXACTLY what I am planning to do as my 2nd phase of my ccar computer starts.

              I have a 2000 Accord (same model style as yours) ... I know you're loking for a Cassette Adapter (3rd Din slot)
              --- i attached a pic.

              I defintely want to put a touchscreen 7" vga and move my sony hu down to the 3rd din.

              We ought to swap some ideas and such.

              I am on a website called and I've been involved in talking with other accord owners about lcds in dash ... you might want to read some posts there too.

              Let me know what you're looking at in-terms of an lcd that fits our dash.

              -- Vikram
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                the box i made is about: Length 7.1 inches, it should be 7 but i made it bigger just in case.

                height is 5.1 inches, 5 is what i need but i made it bigger for the same reason above.

                i will try to get some pictures. i am almost done, sanding all the edges takes a very long, especially this is the first i worked with bondo. i didnt do a very good job when sealing them up, there were some bubbles left there. i had to fill them up again and then sand it.


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                  Finally a thread after my own heart. 7 inch touchscreen in the double din. Although i have no use for my Head unit, since i can do EVERYTHING from my carputer.... hopefully when i have it installed.

                  Here is what i have learnt after tlaking to a million people and suppliers.

                  The Xenarc/Gain screens will fit flush in the double din if you strip the housing yourself. Makes the install more complicated but will work. look at my other posts on the forum for some pictures.

                  It may be best to wait for the motorized one din touchscreens coming up from digitalww, will be costly around 650 from what i hear... but will install just like a headunit... the reason i might go with this one, is because i can hide it, kinda... That would work well for you, cause you would have your touchscreen and then an extra din and you wont have to remove your headunit.

                  Hope this helps.


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                    I had originally planned on buying the in-dash screen, but I decided that it would just look soooo much cooler to have it flush mounted. Plus I don't really want to spend $650 on it, and there's no telling when they are actually going to be available.


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                      I found the under dash kit for relocating the head unit if anyone cares. I'm planning on buying the DS700YYV from DS Customs to install in my Double-DIN slot. Hopefully it will work out.