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egalax calibration issue

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  • egalax calibration issue


    I am using a no brand touchscreen overlay with egalax drivers.

    The problem is that it seems to "lose" the calibration all the time , one moment it works fine the next calibration is lost and I have to recalibrate the screen in order for it to work again.

    I have no idea what causes this and therefore no idea how to fix it.

    I am running win7 with RR and the latest egalax drivers for win7
    View my worklog here

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    seriously, nobody has a clue ?
    View my worklog here


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      Had a similar issue with my cheap clone and after months of frustrations I gave up and brought another one
      Im now sure it was the fact that I had the monitor in its cradle way to tight and after removing/installing it a few times I damaged the edge of the touch panel, or as the unit got hot the case warped and caused pressure on the edge of the panel.With the new one I removed the base mount metal bracket and filed down the cradle a bit so now it slips in and out pretty easy...
      So far for the last few weeks all is well,I havnt had an issue with the calibration and its been in the mid 40C here so its gotten hot ...I did try this with the old monitor but the pull down was a nightmare....and now I have a great 7inch monitor with no touch screen panel


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        I am certain that my install isnt too tight , I lined the edge of the screen with double sided foam tape 1.5mm thick , as mentioned in the installation manual , also between the touchoverlay and the bezel is a 2mm thick one sided foam tape , so I doubt there will be tightness issues
        View my worklog here