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change AV when i do reverse

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  • change AV when i do reverse

    I have CTF400-ML and this monitor don't have automatic system for rear cam (wire to connect 12v).
    And I need to change the AV1 when i do reverse.

    I could connect the monitor micro-switch (to change AV) to the relay, but would not work because if the trigger on relay stay connect more 1 second, the monitor turns off.
    I need a solution that the micro-switch turns on only 1 second, when I have the 12v.

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    there are timer relays you can use, called TON or TOFF.
    another cheap solution, connect a serial capasitor to the relay if you want it to be energised for a short while when power is applied.
    or connect a capacitor in paralel with the relay if you want it to release later after power is disconnected.
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      how good are you with circuits? you could use a 555timer wired up in monostable operation:
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        I managed to do with 2 relays and 1 capacitor. The 2nd relay coil is supplied with capacitor, and only stays on about 1 second.