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Where can I find a 7" multi-touch overlay?

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  • Where can I find a 7" multi-touch overlay?

    Very quick rundown of my plan: I have a 2007 G35 sedan which comes with a 7" screen and has composite video input. I want to hook up a small Android tablet (Nexus 7) or one of the mini sticks to act as a music source, nav, etc. With enough adaptors, I can get video from the tablet to the stock screen, but need to control it.

    I want to install a multi-touch capacitive overlay on top of the stock screen, but can't locate one to save my life. Motor City Tech, which I found through here, is the *only* place I've found so far that has something, but I'm told that it won't work with Android. I've looked around on DX, but everything there is resistive. I've even tried scouring Alibaba, and have found a few suppliers, but that's not really a retail outlet, so finding a single unit is difficult. Does anyone know where I can find something?

    I don't want to continue fumbling through stacks of CDs!

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    Why not use the multi-touch panel from the nexus 7? If you already have a way to get the video onto your LCD, then you have all you need.

    The board inside the tablet is very small, so you might be able to fit it behind your stock LCD anyway.

    Problem solved.

    FYI: I did offer to test my panel on your Android device, but you never responded.


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      I thought the Nexus 7 had the display and digitizer bonded into a single unit? I need to retain the use of the stock LCD (it displays the HVAC and some system controls), so just covering it up with the entire Nexus display isn't a workable option. I don't have the nerve to try and replace the entire stock panel by tapping into the stock video signal.

      As for testing the panel, I'm interested. I'm honestly not sure what the offer you're referring to is, though...I haven't even purchased (or decided on!) my hardware yet. I saw on your site there's no returns on the overlay, so if there is any way to confirm beforehand, I'm open!


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        Ok, I thought you were the one inquiring on using my touch panels with Android. Someone emailed me about this a month or two ago, and they wanted the same setup as you.

        I don't think the touch panel is bonded to the LCD on the Nexus. You can separate it from the LCD and place it over your stock LCD.


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          Well I guess I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't have enough common sense to avoid such an expensive, cockamamie plan!

          It turns out the Nexus 7 doesn't have any video output capabilities, so that's off the list, but your idea made me think...

          The cheapo Ainol 7 tablets have capable-enough hardware and a decent set of I/O ports. Build quality is middling at best, but it'll never be seen. Most importantly, they also have a digitizer that supposedly can be removed, as well as replacements widely available from China in the event my fat fingers break something. That could definitely be workable...thanks for the inspiration. A build log may be on the way...