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Connect carpc to aftermarket touchscreen?

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  • Connect carpc to aftermarket touchscreen?

    Hey everyone,
    Does anyone know of a good way to connect a carpc to a aftermarket din?

    Run a Carpc to say a clarion or pioneer, hide the PC but switch back and forth to it, control it with the touchscreen?

    Not really worried if the din has nav, or if it required? Looking for both options in a single din or double din.

    Any info would be great, my car is a 06 Vette, ill post pictures when i figure out my project plans, haha.


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    you can connect the carpc to the radio to view it, but there is not really any good way to control it using the touchscreen without overly-complex switching mechanisms, and specialized programming..
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    carpc undecided


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      Unless you find a good HU with PC (vga, hdmi) input....


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        No one has had any luck with a RGB Connector ? Or a converter ?


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          Not worth the time or effort to use a converter. The images will be garbage, and you still won't be able to use the touch screen to control the PC.