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Backup camera help / How to connect RF wire? PLEASE!

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  • Backup camera help / How to connect RF wire? PLEASE!

    OK here's the story. I bought a lilliput 629gl on here years back for my carpc. I eventually took out said PC but left the screen in my car. Currently it's not being used by anything. Because of lack of money, I cut off the bottom of the screen bezel where the buttons / rf receiver is and gorilla glued it to my bezel in my WRX instead of buying double DIN brackets. (I know its stupid but I had no money) It worked out very well actually as far as the screen being secured.

    Here's the problem: I bought a backup camera and installed it. Connected the yellow composite cable to the lilliput but the screen is still set to PC from when the carpc was in there and won't display anything because it's connected via Composite and not VGA. AND, to top it off, I cant change the input because the bottom of the screen where the buttons are, along with the rf receiver had been cut off (and discarded)

    I bought this from MoCoSo:

    Is there any way I can connect that to my screens board so I can utilize the remote control and change the setting to Video1 or whatever?

    So, in this picture:
    I have the blue wire with RF attached, but not that board.

    Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!

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    Cant help with the ir question but you might be able to use the reversing cam switching circuit on the monitor.There may be a green or blue wire hanging of the power cable this needs to be connected to the 12v from the cars reversing light circuit, this will automatically switch the monitor to one of the rca inputs when reverse is selected and back to its previous screen when in drive...I cant find the wiring info on you monitor so not 100% what color the wire is or if its even there


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      You need the button board to use the IR.

      Just buy a new button board and button board cable.

      Problem solved.