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Lilliput FA1011 Intermittantly Responding

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  • Lilliput FA1011 Intermittantly Responding

    The other day my Lilliput FA1011 started only responding to the upper right half of the screen. It worked that way for a few weeks, however recently it has completely quit responding to touch. I checked the connections and everything is tight. The monitor works good except for you cant touch it (tab + shift tab are my best friend for now).

    Also there is a small upside down U crack in the bottom right half of the screen about 1.5 x 1 inches. (probably because of the recent hot/cold swings)

    I have molded the fame into the dash so replacing with a different monitor would require alot more work compared to just ordering a new one.

    My question is, is this a common problem with these lilliputs? Should I choose a different brand?
    Is there a monitor that can take the drastic swings of Texas heat?